Is hard water a problem for your plumbing? Some homeowners are aware that there is a hard water issue in the home, since a majority of plumbing systems in the United States are afflicted. But since this issue likely won’t affect your health and because it should not cause any discoloration in the water, most homeowners are unsure of whether there is actually a problem present.

Although hard water does not tend to have a negative impact on one’s health, it may affect your pipes. Hard water refers to high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water supply. These minerals can build up in the pipes and leave deposits behind that could ruin your plumbing. As minerals gather in the pipes, water flow is restricted, lowering the water pressure that comes in through your sink and shower. As it continues to build, it can cut off the water flow completely, and plumbers may have to replace sections of pipe or your entire piping system.

Water Softeners Eliminate the Minerals in Hard Water

A water softener is a device installed at the base of your water supply so that it can eliminate the excess minerals from your water before they reach your faucet. The water softener tank contains resin beads with a negative charge that attract calcium and magnesium as hard water moves through the tank. Now the water is free of minerals, but the resin beads are still covered with calcium and magnesium. A salt water solution in the tank cleans the beads so that the minerals can discharge from the system. The level of salt that enters your home is minimal, and should have very little effect on your health.

Water softeners not only protect your plumbing system, but also safeguard against mineral damage in all of the appliances that you rely on. This includes your dishwasher, washing machine, and your water heater, all of which would be quite an expense if they became too damaged.

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