waterUnless you get your water from a well, all water that’s pumped into your home is put through a municipal treatment facility first. This treatment process removes many of the harmful contaminants that are commonly found in your water supply. However, no city water treatment is 100% effective. There will always be some level of harmful contaminants that are going to make it into your home’s water supply. If you want to more thoroughly protect your home from these contaminants, you should consider installing a water treatment system.

Problems Water Treatment Systems Solve

Not many people like to drink tap water, depending on the area in which they live. The number one complaint that most homeowners have regarding tap water is the poor taste. However, taste is far from the worst problem that can affect your water supply. All kinds of contaminants can be found in the water supply, depending on the area. Some common contaminants include lead, cyanide, arsenic, and various levels of bacteria. Most of these are in very small amounts, of course. But, there are no safe levels of exposure for many of these materials. It’s a very good idea to make sure that you have a water treatment installed to protect against these kinds of harmful materials.

Even relatively harmless (to you) minerals can cause problems for your plumbing system in high amounts. Hard water, which is water with high levels of magnesium and calcium, can cause lime scale to form on the inside of the pipes. Lime scale restricts the flow of water through your plumbing system, which can significantly hinder operation. Certain water treatment systems, called water softeners, can help protect against that.

Types of Water Treatment Systems That Can Help You

There are a variety of different water treatment systems you can install in your home, each of which is suited to removing a different range of contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems use ultrathin membranes to strain all water that flows into the plumbing system. Water molecules are small enough to travel through the membrane and into the home. Larger particles are blocked by the membrane, and are shunted of into a collection receptacle for later disposal. This is an excellent way to remove the majority of trace contaminants from your home’s water supply.

Water softeners focus on removing the minerals that cause lime scale. This is commonly done by replacing the calcium and magnesium molecules in the water supply with sodium, softening the water and protecting your home from lime scale formation. If you’re not sure what water treatment system you should have installed in your home, it’s a good idea to have your water professionally tested first. That will highlight contaminants in the supply that need to be removed.

The Trusted Plumber provides a full range of water treatment system installation services in Surprise, AZ. If you need water treatment services of any kind, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We’ll make sure that your home’s water supply is as high quality as possible.

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