You’ll hear a lot about hard water and lime scale on this website. We talk about why you need to prevent lime scale from forming, that it’s bad for your pipes, and the like. What we really don’t get into that often is the extent of the damage that lime scale can inflict on your plumbing system. So we’re going to more closely examine the damage that lime scale can actually inflict on your plumbing system.

What Lime Scale is

Lime scale is a hard, chalky substance made of calcium carbonate, which accumulates on the inside of your pipes when they are exposed to hard water. The vast majority of the water used in many countries, including this one, is naturally hard. As water filters through the ground, it picks up minerals that it later deposits in your pipes.

Why It’s Such a Problem

You likely already know that lime scale severely restricts the flow of water through the pipes. That’s obviously not good, as it lessens the efficiency of your plumbing pipes. This is worse with hot water pipes, as lime scale forms faster when exposed to higher temperatures. Over time, the cumulative restriction of water flow will end up costing you quite a bit in wasted energy.

The real reason that lime scale is so dangerous, though, is that it can require pipe replacement. After a certain point, the deposits of lime scale in a pipe can become so large and entrenched that they cannot be removed without damaging the pipe. At that point, the only way to fix the problem is to replace the pipes. That’s the biggest danger, that you have to replace a large part of your plumbing network due to a completely preventable problem.

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