Before water reaches your home, it is filtered and treated through your local water treatment facility. Filtration generally removes dirt and other suspended particles, while a chemical such as chlorine is added to kill bacteria and any other microorganisms in the water. However, the water still has a long way to go before it reaches your home, and it may pick up some new contaminants along the way.

Scheduling water testing is the best way to discover what types of impurities may afflict your water supply and what can be done to ward them off. Microorganisms and chemicals in the water may lead to health issues, or could aggravate an existing health problem in a family member. With water testing, you can pin down the exact problem and choose from several different water filtration systems in Peoria that meet your needs.

Water testing may reveal high levels of hard water, a common problem for homeowners. Hard water is marked by an excess of minerals, most commonly magnesium and calcium. These rarely carry adverse health effects, but they could block your pipes, leading to frequent plumbing problems and premature pipe replacement.

A greater concern for many homeowners is the potential health effects from exposure to impurities in the water. Some of these may only be a concern for people with preexisting sensitivities, while some should not be consumed by any person. After water testing reveals potential issues, a water filtration system can remove pollutants such as nitrate and arsenic. And some homeowners use whole-home filtration to rid their water of high levels of chlorine and fluoride, chemicals often added by your township that may lead to irritation.

Here are a few of the treatment systems you may choose from after scheduling water testing with a trained professional.

  • Water Softener: This type of system replaces the minerals in hard water with sodium ions.
  • Absorption Filter: This can rid your water supply of many particles as well as chlorine, but may be ineffective at removing some contaminants.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: This is one of the most effective types of systems available, using a thin membrane which only allows water to pass through.

Your family deserves access to clean, purified water. The experts at the The Trusted Plumber can install your new unit for you and answer any questions you have about water filtration systems in Peoria, AZ. Call us today!

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