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Commercial Garbage Disposal near Glendale, AZ from The Trusted Plumber

If you run a food service business, such as a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or commercial kitchen, disposal of waste is one of the most important daily tasks. To effectively dispose of food waste, you need to have one or more commercial-strength garbage disposals at work in your kitchen. Disposals are necessary to chop down food into material that the drainage system can handle without clogging or violating health codes.

Commercial garbage disposals are similar in most ways to residential ones. The major differences are size and power. Commercial systems are built of sturdier material with higher horsepower engines and larger grinder chambers. Another important difference: how much work they do on a regular basis. When it comes to installing or servicing commercial garbage disposals near Glendale, AZ, you must rely on commercial plumbing specialists, such as our team at The Trusted Plumber. Contact us for whatever work you need to for the garbage disposals in your business.

Are you having trouble with your commercial garbage disposal, or do you need a new one installed? Contact our commercial specialists at The Trusted Plumber for assistance near Glendale, AZ.

We Offer Commercial Garbage Disposal Installation Service

The size of your establishment will determine the size of the garbage disposal you need to have installed. Proper sizing of a new commercial garbage disposal is something you should let professionals handle. They will factor in how much waste goes down the kitchen drains to figure out the size and power of the new garbage disposal.

It is especially important that you allow professionals to handle the actual installation of a new disposal. Because of health restrictions on what can go into the sewer system, your establishment may fail to live up to code if you received a faulty, amateur garbage installation. Make sure that you protect your business by only relying on experienced commercial plumbers when it comes to any installation—especially the disposal.

We Also Offer Commercial Garbage Disposal Repairs and Maintenance

Considering how much work a garbage disposal does on a daily basis, you can expect that yours will eventually suffer from repair needs. The mechanical stress on a commercial disposal is immense, and should it break down, an entire kitchen could come to a halt. Call for professionals skilled in plumbing repair and who offer emergency service to handle the work. (For your own safety, do not attempt to fix the disposal yourself. All garbage disposals can be dangerous if mishandled, but especially powerful commercial units.)

To prevent issues in the future from affecting your garbage disposal, arrange for regular maintenance as part of general commercial plumbing maintenance. Technicians will clean the disposal, lubricate its motors, and clean the flywheel so that the system will operate with reduced stress. You will have more effective grinding of food, healthier plumbing, and a system with a longer service lifespan thanks to regular maintenance.

Contact Us for Commercial Garbage Disposal Services near Glendale, AZ

The plumbing for a commercial building in general needs to have licensed plumbers with a background in commercial equipment to service it. Residential plumbers cannot handle the extent of a kitchen that serves a restaurant, bar, cafeteria, or other food service business. The vital garbage disposal necessary for the daily removal of waste product must have the same special care that all the other plumbing in your business receives. Whether it’s installation, repairs, or maintenance; call The Trusted Plumber near Glendale, AZ to handle your commercial garbage disposal.