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Backflow Prevention Services in Glendale, AZ

You depend on fresh water coming from the taps in your home and other supply lines (for your dishwasher, laundry machines, etc.) for numerous daily tasks. The risk of losing that supply is unpleasant enough without having to worry about another possibility: contamination of the fresh water because of sewage backflow.

Most homes are equipped with a device that stops wastewater from the sewage system backing up into the fresh water supply. Backflow prevention devices must receive regular testing from certified plumbers to make sure they are working correctly and not in danger of failing. You will need the assistance of a professional plumber to repair or install a backflow preventer when necessary, and the staff at The Trusted Plumber is happy to provide this for you.

For backflow prevention services—installation, repairs, maintenance—near Glendale and the surrounding areas, contact the team at The Trusted Plumber.

Why You Need Backflow Prevention for Your Home

When you open a tap in your home, the water flows out of it immediately. This is due to the pressure in the municipal water supply. The other side of your plumbing system—the wastewater side—is not pressurized, however. If the pressure of the water entering your house should suddenly drop, or the pressure increase in the sewer system, it will cause an imbalance that will push wastewater in the wrong direction: up into the freshwater pipes. If the pressure drops on the fresh water side, the backflow is called back siphonage; if the pressure increases on the sewer side, the backflow is called backpressure.

Regardless of how this occurs, it will result in contamination of the water supply that you use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. A backflow prevention device is a check valve designed to stop the sewage from flowing the incorrect direction into the pipes and causing these serious problems.

Do You Need Backflow Testing near Glendale?

You need to have routine inspections for your backflow device to make sure that it will continue to protect your home from water pollution. The mechanical components in a backflow preventer are delicate and will eventually start to wear down, so once a year you must schedule inspection from a certified technician to see if it needs repairs or a replacement. This testing isn’t just good advice: most municipalities require regular testing to make sure that the plumbing remains in compliance with local regulation.

We Can Handle the Installation of New Backflow Prevention Devices

If your home does not have a backflow device, or if your current one fails an inspection test, you will need to have professionals install a new one as soon as possible. This is complex work and only a certified plumber should handle it to make sure that the right size valve is installed and works without leaking. You can call The Trusted Plumber to arrange for one of our skilled and experienced plumbers to install a device for your home.

Call Expert Plumbers for Help with Backflow Prevention near Glendale

Not all professional plumbers are qualified to perform backflow prevention testing, nor do they all have the specially calibrated equipment necessary to do the work. You must contact certified plumbers to handle such jobs. If you require these services—whether new installation, repairs, maintenance, or regular testing—contact The Trusted Plumber. Make us your first choice when it comes to protecting your water supply and the health of your family from water contamination.