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Sump Pump Services Near Glendale

Not every home will benefit from having a sump pump installed, but for the homes that do need one, these appliances are invaluable for the protection they provide against water damage. A sump pump removes excess water due to flooding, burst pipes, or a high water table, from a collection point in the floor (the “sump”) and then pumps it out into the wastewater system.

To have one of these installed in your home, call the professionals at The Trusted Plumber. We will help you select the right type of pump for your home, excavate the sump, and install the unit so it will provide many years of protection for your house. We are also available for regular maintenance and any repairs you may need.

Call The Trusted Plumber for sump pump installation, repairs, and maintenance near Glendale and the surrounding areas.

Do You Need a Sump Pump Installation near Glendale?

Water damage is one of the most insidious and difficult to control issues a home can encounter. Excess moisture rapidly degrades and warps building material and will damage valuable possessions. This moisture also raises humidity, leading to uncomfortable conditions in a home and the encouragement of the growth of mold and mildew, both of which will further contribute to damage to building material. Mold can also have a negative effect on health conditions in a home.

This pump system effectively removes the accumulation of water in the lower parts of a house and expels it into either the standard wastewater system or a well. Sump pumps work effectively to counter both flooding that can come about from burst pipes and heavy rains, and more gradual sources of water build–up such as a high water table.

Installation of these systems is a complex process that requires the installers excavate a sump in the ideal position to collect water, and then connect the pump to both the sump and the wastewater system. Installers will select the kind of pump best suited for the job: the two most common types are pedestal pumps (which sit on a platform over the sump) and submersible pumps (which are set down into the sump itself). Pedestal pumps are easier to service, while submersible pumps are more energy–efficient. The installers will help you find out which type of unit will work ideally for your home.

We Also Offer Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance Services

Occasionally, a pump will need repairs in order to continue operating correctly. They can develop clogs in their lines, and their motors may sustain damage from overwork. If your pump won’t turn on or the water level in the sump doesn’t lower even when the unit is running, call for the technicians at The Trusted Plumber to find out what repairs are necessary to restore it.

To help avoid repair calls and make sure that your pump will always be ready whenever you need it, arrange for regular maintenance that will check on the motors, the electrical supply, and the intakes. Make sump pump inspection part of regular annual plumbing maintenance.

Arrange for Sump Pump Services near Glendale, AZ with The Trusted Plumber

Does your home need a sump pump? If you have trouble with a damp basement, or you are concerned about water damage to irreplaceable objects in your home, you should definitely consider calling for professionals to install one. Call The Trusted Plumber and ask about our services. Let our skilled plumbers help defend your home against water damage.