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Water Leak Detection Services in Glendale, AZ

Most of the plumbing in your home remains hidden behind walls and under floorboards, kept from your sight to provide more attractive living spaces. There is a drawback to this arrangement, however, which is that when pipe leaks occur, they can be difficult to find. Often, the only warning you may receive that pipes are leaking is an otherwise unexplained increase in your water bills.

Whenever you have suspicions of water leaks inside your home, call the professionals at The Trusted Plumber for leak detection services. We have plumbers with the training and the specialized equipment necessary to pinpoint where leaks are occurring, and then reach them to provide the repair or replacement work to restore your plumbing’s integrity.

For water leak detection services near Glendale, AZ you can trust to the name of The Trusted Plumber. We have a staff of skilled plumbers with the best equipment to handle the job.

Tools Plumbers Use to Find Water Leaks

In order to find where leaks in pipes are occurring and determine the best way to fix them, plumbers make use of a number of tools, most of which are not commercially available and which require special training to operate. Here are some of the leak detection tools plumbers may employ during a job:

  • Listening discs / ground microphones: Sound is one of the best ways for plumbers to target pipe leaks. The sound of dripping or water escaping from a pipe is often impossible to hear through walls and boards — unless plumbers have listening discs and ground microphones to amplify the noise. Listening equipment is often sufficient to find most hidden leaks.
  • Pressure sensors: As water leaks from a pipe, it creates changes in pressure around the pipe and changes in heat. Plumbers can locate these areas with pressure sensors that scan deep into building material to find where the leaks are occurring.
  • Video pipe inspection equipment: The most effective way to find leaking pipes is using miniaturized cameras mounted on long fiber optic cables that snake down into drains and other access points. These cameras return images from the interiors of the pipes to video monitors, where plumbers can not only find out where the leaks are, but also the size and what methods will work best to repair them.

The most important tool professional plumbers have for leak detection is their own training. They will know where to start the search for hidden leaks, and how best to interpret that data they uncover so they can make plumbing repairs fast and with the minimum amount of disruption to a home.

We Are Also Equipped for Slab Leak Detection

The most difficult type of leaks to deal with is the slab leak, which is the term for a leak that occurs in the foundation of the house or underneath hardscape like a patio. Slab leaks often lead to high pressure and cracking in building material. These leaks are not only tricky to locate, but they often need excavation for the plumbers to reach and repair them. Providing the most effective repairs for slab leaks requires plumbers with the finest leak detection equipment that can narrow down the area that needs repairs. Using video pipe inspection equipment often allows plumbers to find ways to fix slab leaks that require no invasive techniques at all.

The Trusted Plumber Offers Water Leak Detection Service near Glendale

When you think there are hidden water leaks in your home, call The Trusted Plumber right away, and we will send out a plumber armed with the best tools and the finest training to take care of repairs.