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Hybrid Water Heater Services near Glendale, AZ from The Trusted Plumber

Few parts of your plumbing system are more important than the water heater that takes the fresh water entering from the municipal supply and heats it up so you can wash, clean, and cook. Indoor plumbing is a marvel, but it would be significantly less marvelous without working water heaters.

You have more options when it comes to water heaters near Glendale, AZ today than you once did. Aside from standard storage tank systems, there are also tankless systems, heat pump water heaters, and hybrids. The development of hybrids, which combine an electric water heater with a heat pump, offers a great opportunity for a home owner to save money on hot water. To learn more about hybrid hot water heaters and if one is right for your home, or if you require repairs for your current one, call the water heater specialists at The Trusted Plumber today. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

If you need service for a hybrid water heater near Glendale, AZ or the surrounding areas, call the team at The Trusted Plumber. We handle installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance.

How a Hybrid Water Heater Works

The "hybrid" part of a hybrid water heater is the melding of an electric water heater with a heat pump. Heat pumps are common devices used for home comfort that can provide a house with both heated and cooled air; when the action of a heat pump is combined with an electric water heater, they help heat the water so that the electric heating elements need to turn on less often. The heat pump draws heat from the air using the process of heat exchange: refrigerant traveling through the system absorbs heat from outside the water heater, and then releases it inside to warm up the water. If the heat pump can draw sufficient outside heat (usually not a problem in Arizona), the electrical heating elements inside the tank will not need to turn on. Should the heat pump start to lose efficiency, the electrical elements activate as a back–up.

The Benefits of Professional Hybrid Water Heater Installation

Think of a hybrid water heater as a cross between a standard electrical tank water heater and a tankless one. Heating water in a tank with direct electrical resistance heating—as in a standard electrical water heater—is one of the more costly ways to provide hot water for a home. With a hybrid, the electrical resistance heating is only a back–up that rarely needs to come on. Instead, most of the heat comes from outside, using the efficient operation of the heat pump. Tests have shown that a hybrid water heater can save the average family more than $300 a year compared to a conventional electric water heater. If you live in a home without a connection to a natural gas line, a hybrid is a great way to receive hot water at an efficiency level that potentially matches a gas–powered water heater.

Hybrid water heaters also have an advantage over the energy–efficient tankless models in that they store water, making it quickly available whenever you need it. Tankless systems experience delays when delivering heated water to the taps, but this isn’t an issue for hybrids.

We Offer Hybrid Water Heater Services near Glendale, AZ

You will need professionals to inform you if a hybrid water heater is a good fit for your home, and then install it so that it performs to your expectations for effectiveness and efficiency. Although hybrid water heaters are durable, they still require regular maintenance each year to keep them operating their best and to head off potential repair problems.

For all the services you require for a hybrid water heater near Glendale, AZ, look to The Trusted Plumber. We install and replace hybrids, and also offer excellent regular maintenance and speedy repairs. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.