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Water Heater Maintenance near Glendale, AZ from The Trusted Plumber

You depend on hot water every day, starting with your morning shower or bath. The hot water from the taps helps you cook and clean, and hot water goes to appliances like the dishwasher and the laundry machine. The water heater that makes this all possible undergoes a great deal of stress each year, and although modern water heaters are built to withstand an immense load of work, they still must have inspections and tune-ups from qualified plumber each year—or else they may suddenly break down and leave a home with only cold water.

When you schedule water heater maintenance with The Trusted Plumber, you are investing in the long-term productivity and efficiency of your system. We handle service for electric and gas water heaters near Glendale, AZ. Call us today to get started with a longer lifespan for your water heater, as well as lower bills and fewer repairs.

Is it time for the regular annual maintenance for your water heater? Contact The Trusted Plumber to arrange for your next water heater maintenance visit.

Why Regular Water Heater Maintenance Is Important

Water heaters contain few moving parts, which mean they have less mechanical strain placed on them than many other home appliances that need annual maintenance. But the presence of water in a water heater will eventually start to degrade the components unless it receives regular care. Maintenance makes certain that a water heater does not start to age rapidly and it prevents issues such as corrosion and leaking from starting. The technician will catch early signs of repair problems and arrange to have them fixed before they become worse.

Maintenance is also necessary to protect a water heater’s energy–efficiency. Whether you have a gas–powered or electric–powered water heater, it will begin to lose its efficiency each year that it goes without a maintenance visit, and eventually you will end up paying a great deal more than you should for your hot water supply. With regular maintenance from trained technicians, a water heater will retain 95% of its efficiency throughout most of its service life—and that life will also be much longer.

What is a Water Heater Flush?

Although not always necessary during a maintenance visit, flushing out the tank of a storage water heater (the most common type of water heater) is often a key task to keep the system in the best condition, and you should expect to have it done every three years. Completely flushing the system will do a thorough job of eliminating mineral build–up inside the tank, and this will help it work more efficiently and reduce the threat from corrosion and fresh water contamination. Removing sediment from the bottom of the tank also makes it less likely that the water heater will overheat.

We Offer Water Heater Maintenance Service near Glendale, AZ

Protecting your hot water supply is as important as protecting your plumbing: you cannot ignore or delay it, since the consequences can range from an upswing in bills to a fully broken–down system that requires early replacement. Schedule to have water heater maintenance done once a year from an experienced team.

The Trusted Plumber provides all types of services for water heaters, and that includes routine maintenance. When you sign up for our Ultimate Savings Agreement Program near Glendale, AZ, you’ll receive annual water heater maintenance as well as a 20% discount on any service and parts, plus priority scheduling whenever you have emergency needs.