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Environmental Water Systems in Glendale, AZ

We understand your concern about water quality in your home—and we also understand your concern that many water treatments systems can create their own problems, which include wasting water, wasting energy, and using chemicals and salts. 

The Trusted Plumber offers many types of solutions for water quality problems in Glendale, AZ homes, including special environmental water systems that address worries about water waste, energy waste, salts, and chemicals. These whole-house water filtration systems may be the ideal way for you to enjoy fresh, healthy water, and our trained plumbers are here to help! We back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Call us for water treatment services in the Glendale, AZ area.

What Is an Environmental Water System?

An enviro water system is a type of whole-house water filtration system that doesn’t require electricity to run, doesn’t add salt to the water (which many whole-house systems do), and doesn’t result in wasting any water. A properly installed environmental water system takes care of issues with your water such as chlorine, chloramine, and hard water minerals. The result is water quality from the taps around your house that’s much better than what you’ll get from bottled water, and much less expensive as well.

An environmental water system works through a series of stages. First, a sediment filter catches larger contaminants, such as silt, that can enter a home through the municipal water supply. Then a carbon filter stops harmful chlorine and chloramine, which affect the taste and odor of water. Finally, the water goes through a special conditioner that changes the minerals that cause hard water problems into harmless crystals that don’t create limescale in pipes and appliances. There is no need to put salt into the water to combat hard water. (And you won’t need to haul around bags of salt to refresh the system either.)

Environmental Water System Installation

Hard water and excess chlorine and chloramine in the local Glendale, AZ water supply are common problems. More than 80% of homes deal with hard water. If you want to know for sure if you’ll benefit from an environmental water system installation to counter these issues, call us to schedule water testing services. We can give you a report on what’s in your water and then tell you if an environmental water system installation will benefit you. 

Only trained professionals like us can handle the installation service. If you need a different type of water treatment, or an additional water treatment system for specific contaminants in the water supply, we can install exactly what you need.

More About our Water Treatment Services in Glendale, AZ

Our plumbers are here to help you through all the stages of the life of your environmental water system. We provide repairs and regular maintenance for water treatment systems in Glendale, and we’ll handle the replacement and upgrade when the time comes for it. You can always expect courtesy and excellent customer service from the The Trusted Plumber plumbers, no matter what the job is. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee for a reason: we know that our team will come through for you!